Shore Ride Paddleboard & Surf Carrier

Take your board from your home to the water's edge

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Free Your Ride

Attach the Shore Ride SUP trolley to your SUP or Kayak and either walk or cycle to the beach. Tow all your crafts without having to purchase additional carriers. Our new solid filled tyres also allow you to travel over the roughest of terrains without the risk of punctures.

Fit the SUP Trolley to your Paddle Board

Shore Ride SUP trolley makes it simple for you to get your board to the water. If you live close to the water and want to get there in a hassle-free way, then this product is for you. No car. No hassle. Just you, your board and the water.

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Attach Shore Ride Trolley to your Bike

Discover secret spots, further away by attaching Shore Ride SUP trolley to your bike. Alternatively, manually tow your board using the cushioned handle to travel longer distances. Click the play button on the left to see how Shore Ride fits to your bike.

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Compact SUP Trolley

Shore Ride SUP cart folds into a nice snug fit. So, you can take with you wherever you go.

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I have tried three different types of SUP wheels that are supposedly designed for taking your paddleboard by bike and this is the only one that I trust enough to take my longboard on. Parking is a nightmare at my favourite break and this is the perfect solution.

Kid M.

Thanks Shore Ride, you've just made getting to the water with my board a breeze!

Mike Mindel.

Thanks for making it so easy for me to get to the water and surf. And all without the use of my car!

Maja Miskiewicz.

Stories inspired by the water.

Convenient SUP Transport with Shore Ride